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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  November 9, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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watching, mike huckabee starts right now. >> republicans have control of the senate. and so what issues should they tackle first. >> repeal obama care and immigration reform or key stone pipeline. and the electorial map and a sea of red. are southern democrats becoming extinct. and a high school senior stands up for her rights under good. all that and more on huckabee. and welcome to huckabee, from new york city.
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this week's elections were supposed to be a nail biter and instead a blow out for republicans. (applause) yeah, everyone seems to so the election is what president obama said it was. a referundum on his policies. everybody saw that except for president obama who in a press conference on wednesday sounded more like president olivious. maybe he reverted to the chum game and took off for colorado for high-octane weed and he blamed the blow out on two-thirds of the voters that didn't show up. that is the point. your voters were disspirited they didn't show up and some of those who voted for you. notably young people and moirnities and women voted already and voted for their brains and rejected the failed
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economic program and weak policy. and lack of governing skills and you and your amtower hour not ready for prime time team represents. in what one hopes would be more than mere symbolism, the president had i meeting with incoming majority leader mitch mcconnell. it was so long, he had to goggle who mcconnell was. and my team of crack investigative reports hacked in nsa computers and showed the meeting between senator mcconnell and the president. you might not want small children or deszy waszer man-
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shut watch this. the president has no intention of signing the legislation cent to me by republicans. >> none shall pass. >> what? >> none shall pass. >> yes, that was his message. it was an intense argument and that resulted in a violent outbreak. we asked why the secret service allowed that activity. they were hung over from a night in the colombia hotel and in this exclusive video senator mcconnell shoes his determination to get past the president's road blocks. >> now stand aside worthy advirsorry. >> not a scratch. victrow is mine. none has to hand it to the president. even after being disarmed by the
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elections. yes. that was bad. he still maintained that he was not weakened at all by the outcome. >> come on then, what? >> you're indeed brazen but the fight is mine. >> not enough? >> you have no arms let. >> it is just a flesh wood. >> stop. that >> chicken, chicken. yes, just a flesh wound. as the president would say. let me be clear. let me be clear. shellacking or beat down or old fashioned but the kicking. the democrats have been sent to the glue factory. and here is a word of warning to my republicans, you didn't win because you were brilliant and
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presented superior2< went to the democratic committee where they were cleaning up after the lekdzé9pynúçt -- elec watch parties. bring out today. (applause) m and many conservative suggested that republicans shouldn't bother appealing to hispanich"g >m jt(uáq they will not get
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the vote anyway. in texas, gop candidates for senatec]i!y governor got close half of the latino vote. joining us is political commentator ann%wv coulter. (applause) >> hi, ann. how are >> i have never been happier. >> i hope so. >> did you enjoy my monte python take off there. >> you should do it every o ] couldn't think of anything that deticketed the cluelessness. he so manies to be president oblivious that the democrats didn't just get boat by a squeaker. it was a 8@;repudiation of his policies. >> yes, yes it was and everyone keeps saying, particularly on wñ and now the republicans better not
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blow it. i think mitch mcconnell is smart about this. but i warn the tea partiers do not expect the complete repeal oflxd obama care. they should send up small piece and-@ overwhelmingly popular with the groups you mentioned when and if obama vetoes it. the newspaper are going to have to report what obama vetoed. and illegal aliens ar÷h unearned income tax benefits. send tdfl> we have to be chlor to america that the supreme court may end up taking care of obama
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care if they take up the case of to on the subsitedies and if it( is the law, it guts obama care. fast. trick with repealing obama care. taking out a post on a porcc5g you have to be right there to put a post under it. you can't just repeal it. it is delicate and thepádññ dems say what is your plan. go on the internet. mccain had a fantastic plan and romney and kato and republicans repeatedly said what the plan is. it is something ik6bçñ like to the free market. >> and let's talk about the hispanic vote. that was a shocker to all of us especially in states like texas. if you took a small message on enforcing the law. dan patrick and senate governor candidate and the strongest candidate a1pg got a higher vot
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than george bush got in 46. and greg abbot got for. - to the latino voters. >> don't suck up on ÷jh and a wonderful new republican senator said something i consider a suck up and i don't want to attack a republican i love. it was attacking udoll for not attacking amnesty enough. after i said it was stupid, he came out with what republicans should be doing. vx mom no said. we are the party that offered freedom from regoulgz and we'll not pass stupid bills that pay
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for#di- abortions and the next red, that totally worked and maybe we'll get the vote and maybe we won't. but it is the democratic party. they do the suck up us and we'll give you amnesty and special separate group. republicans never have been the party. this is what it stands for and we think you will like. it one other thing he was right andy8z%q on the fence. and this idea that recent hispanic immigrants would thept to drive the wages down. democrats are trying tor?-[ñ pee the republicans to fall for this. so they get more voters.
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obama talked about obama care. >> the president said a lot of people didn't go vote. it is a good thing that they the wrong way. but the ones whomz:hn did voted a way that will make america proud and we'll so you again soon. >> we'll see you. >> the party of republicans is not the party of no. it is the party of go. go, standing for great opportunity. i like that. and i told him i would steal it and i did. >> the republicanqu;x wave knoc democrats on their rear. now the gop has control of both chambers of congress, what will they do first? we'll talk to[ú" langford. he will be with usi ht after this.
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>> now the republicans have control of the sxaent how quickly will they get the ball rolling. oklahoma congressman and one retiring tom coburn's seat with 68 percent of the vote on tuesday. i folk to him earlier. here's that conversation. >> the victory in oklahoma and becoming the next senator from there. how surprised were you that the races in the races were blow outs. >> it was good to so. even if the republicans win it is not really a wave. it is so large in so many states and arkansas is
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mitch mcconnell's race in four minutes after the1tá÷ polls clo urace he would lose and multiple races turned rapidly and they would lol%q& the polls and say this is the direction to go. >> and the president didn't fully understand what happened l thought. what was your assessment list listing to president obama. >> he will not listen to one- third of america. he wants to listen to the two-thirds that didn't vote. that was a jars disenfranchisement of the voters. it was i they don't count. i am just going to pay attention to the ones who didn't vote. elections have consequences and suddenly he looked at these. unless i don't want them to have consequences i ignore the
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results. we'll legislate and bring it and his job is to be the president and we'll try to do that. >> one of the ç republicans have the house and senate. >> right. >> and i think a lot of people are wondering if there will be an aggressive legislative agenda. and this is a classic, the dog chased the car and now you caught it,>z6 it? h[jv i would like to start wit the bills that i was part of in the house of representative and senate over to the senate that the senate never debated. environmental issues and obama care issues and all sorts of freedom issues and business issues and tax issues. and many of them had democrat support as well. and we passed them in the house and the senate doesn't debate them. we know the house can pass them and stack things up on the president's desk and those things he has to explain to the mesh people. why so many people want it and
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he willwdsv have to veto it. i don't think he will. >> you are not saying one he is part of the legislative process and the house and senate has the the law. and heoi:) the final decision. whether he wants to veto or not. key stone pipeline and multiple others and overwhelmingly the american people cannot done. harry reid will not allow a debate. and now it is ta up. and bill clinton vetoed twice welfare reformqcç sign it. because people say we want to reform the welfare system. ]aín the supreme court said he will
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take up the obama. and how. >> it actually would. >> let's walk through why that is a big issue. and it moans that congress doesn't have to deal with the repeal7(jñ of the obamaj2d÷ bu would repeal itself. >> it would collapse on itself. and the system can't be sustained. my attorney general in our state, virginia and other states as well said we don't want to take the obama care requirements that are coming down. when we rejected it, a federal subsidy was placed in our state and the federal government had oversight of. that we'll notf$&x take that an is itzñ a state- run exchange program. and the clear writing of the law, you can't do. that federal government can't do penalties and subsidies. that may be technical.
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wuit is a porly written bad policy law, then that is the way it is set up. and the 32 other#]&çç states do have to be under the obama care subsidies and penalty and the other states do. like california and new york. that is not going to work half of the couznbkñ doing it and haf not. the complexity of it is, the supreme court has to decide, does the lawó6(sq say what it sr what the president wants it to say? we say the law says what it says. the president can't just change it to the way he wants it to be. >> a lot of people say the election will make it easier for the republicans in 2016. i am of the opinion that if the republicans don't do something with the power they were just handed, it will not make it easier. f >> i love to get youre9s?z thou >> and people didn't just not]5 millio
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people say it is a s hzpbetter f idea. we want local choice and state control. and don't want the federal government reaching in the epan and families and businesses and tweaking the tax laws. away. and that is a better set ofñufg of legisló(9 and begin to implement the if i los foe that millions of americans agree with. and the problems in w! turnon the authority back to the states and local leadership and families and churches. it will take off. that is important in the days ahead. >> congressman, congratulations on the election to the senate and i hope you get rest. you deserve a little time off. >> i if we get that.
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do now that that the job interview is over. >> once a strong hold for democrats, the south has turned beat red. are southern democrats becoming extinct? .
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>> incumbent democrat senator mark pryer was drug down in the tuesday midelection. he lost to republican tom cotton. yks as a result for the first time
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in 141 years in my home state, there will be nothing but republican representation in ño÷ washington. oh, my, would i have loved to have been there when that was a sign of things to come, formerv añ senator lincol lost. and why the one- time democratic strong hold in the south shifted so drastically. it is it a tough week forfnáom democrats, senator, is there a place for the demdeps and midwest anymore? >> oh, yeah. times. but what has to happen, the democrats have to understand moderates do matter. both sides have to understand that. democrats and republicans.
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and the democrats need to know that the moderates and middle america and rural areas are critical to everybody's party. you can't just depend on new england, chicago and > iqcalifo. you know that is great in a b 0presidential, but in term congress, it doesn't work. and you have got tobm on i think consensus moderation. c2 worked on a lot ofx@fñ things ie senate. we had a great relationship didn't always agree. but you were no where like the national democrats that were far and left for the arkansas people. is it hard to be what is a blue dog democrat anymore? is that tough and becoming an endangered species. >> it iscniñ extinct. what do you mean 5'yendangered. we lost our last blue dog in
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john baro. it is tough. it is tough. it is tough for anybody. i had great republicans in the senate that i worked with that were moderates as well as in the house. but that is where the people are. and the problem is, when you get to the extreme, fkñunfortunately doesn't work. tí becomes extreme. and that result comes fromán: consensus. i work so hard with republican colleagues and had a great rapport with them. scombh when president obama was in the white p(#bqthere is a group of moderate democrats and we were a natural to fit in with republicans. and common ground where we were. >> it seems like the president
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has noth@yz talked. and i don't hear democrats saying we have a great relationship with the e3@ñpresi. we are called over and chat and build a how much of that hurt the ability of washington to function? >> i think that is hurting the ability of washington to work for a while. andwagg forcing the administrat to it work with congress was a part of the last administration. and the problem is, you are right. congress now and he is to help find that oqxconsensous. and it doesn't need to come through executive orders and obviously my hope and prayers that. come up with good ideas where they start and try to find consensus on things like immigration. that is where you can start to
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look at. the senatee2n passed bipartisan immigration bill and there are people out there that want to find the consensus and where we take the steps forward and the great thing about that. when you fiibf2t a place where are together it builds respect. and when you build respect for one another on the different sides of the isle you are able to do more together. the president needs to reach ; @&hc%  you know, the republicans gained majority. and they have to be'ey@u able t govern and to lead. >> great to have you here, thank you for joining us. >> and we get ready to honor our troops on veteran's day. we'll show youíf÷c heroes to he and helps veterans heal by taking them on a % journey to israel.
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we'll show you.
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top african-american women to hold the post. now back it headlines. >> he was the hero for saving my life and kid's life. >> on the day you thought of suicide. heroes to hero you ended up in israel and got baptized in the jordan river? >> yes, sir. it is truly amazing.
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>> and that was sergeant harrison on our show last november and how theuh program heroes tomxp heroes, changed j@ life. púc it allows u.s. vet raps to travel to( the history and connect with israeli soldiers. i was able to join heroes to heroes on part of the journey. and we have a time to spend time  fighter a with me was sergeant gretter who served in iraq and afghanistan and has become a team coach on the heroes to heroes trip. >> thank you for your service. a lot of people don't understand why we a1qdo. it these guys want you to know that freedom is what we are thankful and outside of israel people want you and take care
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and get well soon. >> joining me3 and founder of heroes to heroes. greg, i am going to start wu. when we were in that hospital back in september,ñ>j:ñ visitinh those israeli soldiers wounded in the/"'by conflict with hamas in gaza, it was emotional for me, i saw you guys, i saw tearsx and i saw deep emotion from your part and from your israeli counterparts. tell me about that visit when you first walked in there and kx israeli soldiers laying in the> it brought back memories': o those who didn't have a combat award and it struck me and we need to do something for them and i thought it would be good for the guys to get there and sv
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share. we have separation anxiety and we miss the troops and share with those guys especially in the political mood where it is now. grunt on the ground and triggerñ pullers. us trigger pullers care. and we arej>rhñ fighting the sa goals and we believe in them. ngreg, that is one of the things that becameé[xapparent. i over heard the ideas you guys had. you were(c= recognizing and th people you are fighting in iraq and afghanistan andhf>t radical jiowa haddist. that's who the israelisxqñ are fighting. was there a common economy you are working with. >> we showed up to play and they did as well. and nice to see them and the? they lit up. and someone cares what we are doing. they hear the same information and we care. we are here.
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and it was important. >> you mentioned tha5 them to have something like you guys did. you get a purple heart if'cw yo get wounded in battle and the israelis don't have a purple heart. we took the challenge, didn't you? >> yes, sir, we took the purple heart on one side and heroes to heroes on the other and presented each soldier with one of them. >> i know when you didc] could sense onh;poñ the part of israeli soldiers and i was struck how young they were. they werezaadg kids and almosty to be a ground child of mine. they were deeply touched by the gesture that you presented them something tangible to hang on j to. and it meant something special to them. >> military guys, you like the bells and whistles and shiny stuff and
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and that's why we)x63u wanted te them something, a token to carrg around and know that somebody else is there for you. >> judy, i want to askb the trip. x it is powerful. and how it impacted thegbñ vetes and how it impacted you? >> it changed my life and it has changed i have been so much more sensitive to everyone and understanding that people matter and everyone matters and everyone has a story and not everyone has a hero's story. they have an everyday story. we wrestle with the word hero and heroes to heroes. vr their job and sent by their government israeli government to protect us and one thing that is so, so striking to me.
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every time i speak to them is love for their countrygrgñ and all of us and how they want to it protect. they want to protect usb their job. and it changed my now of the melt and understand they were born to serve. and when they stop serving thurts them so much and when we put themç9)tár"e and drug them d them they are not useful to us, that is hurtful. they are born to serve and raised to serve. >> it is a powerful thing you are doing. and thank you for being here. and greg, thank you for coming and all of the best. >> yes, sir. >> so many of our americans know littleúzvu$e military and how they won and kept our freedoms. fr our history. i will send it to military for free.
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you$%a can go to free military and order yours. thanks again, greg and thanks again, judy. up next. sherd!)-5÷n-ix upons that her from god and proud to say so when she pledges the allegeiance. she is fighting back against the atheist groups. youuuuuuí.
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under attack in new jersey. there is an athletic group sowing to)líñ remove under god pl one high school senior is standing up in court to recite the pledge. joining?já- me is 3tçmaqñsamañ emily hardin. it is great to have you guys here. thank you. 8h6espuáqj > thank you. >> the fact that you are a high school sen roll over when the school was threatened legal action. what does the pledge of allegian allegiance.
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>> i.bfñ am honored to do this. i have been reciting the pledge since i was in preschool. one nation under god sums up the history and values that made our country great. it acknowledges that our rights come from a higher power and not government and so they can't take itq=9x away. x allegiance was going to get you in trouble and were you intimidated at first with the group said you have to shut it down. yes, wh want to take it away from usf"añ i feel like i am being silenced. they want to silence me. >> why is that important to you? >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of under just leave undergod out. >> i believe that america is a diverse country and a lot of
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people call this country home. i believe that everyone's beliefs are protected by thisd& right including atheist. it acknowledges that our rights are from a higheréy(( power an government. >> i wish people in congress were smart as you were about understanding where our rightse÷ come from. )?qsamantha. i am< americans that are way past high school and don't get what you get. can they make a case to take under god w"vç÷out. over and over again and we boat them in court and we are hopeful that this is the last time. under god is not a religious theology. theology. )politi. >> the declaration of
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independence we are endowed wity certain rightsu creator. it is clear that the founders believed that. i would be shocked. actually, i wouldn't be with the courts. where does this go @ >> next week we go to court and try to it get the case ÷(l dismissed. they have lost every time and wt areuxa>ñ confident we will win case again. >> meanwhile a lot of money is spent. >> is there any way to sue them to get the legal feas back? >> they are going around the %cjurt under god out of a lot of things. they have a right to remain silent butfm( right to silence everybody else. qz to pay the winning parties expenses. in the men time samantha what is
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the long-term goal. run for office and take over the country. >> right now, i am honoredggms e doing this and i pray that the court will decidec2÷ our ùo >> what kind of reaction have you had from fellow students? >> so far only encouragement and i haven't gotten anything rude or wrong to me yet. just encourage am. my teachers have been so my teachers have been so is going on. j&añ >> a real lesson in7cut citizen. and you are a wonderful example. thank you so much and great toñ have you here. you better win. bnñ >> coming how joining blue grass legend rickyí2k skaggs and his e
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with a song ♪
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well, they're both multiple award winning solo country stars. previously won a country music award together for duet of the h year. it's" heartsa8 and buy the way, they have been happily married for 33 years. welcomew white. looking back over 33 years, for a long time you were on rival record labels. >> that's right. >> this is kind of cool, isn't it? >> it's very cool. god did a good thing when he gave us skaggs family records.
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so we can@ want to do it. c)-t and the best of both of you in it. and the songs are warm. and they've got a lot of stories to them. i mean, i think people are going to love the newteftg album.?rç was it fun putting it together? >> it's a blast. if we had done this back 25vriñ years ago, when we should have, i don't think we would have experienced the fun and just our hearts are in a different place now. >> everybody's hearts are going to be in a good place when they hear this. the song u/y@yis" good and gonee album is" hearts like ours". okay, yay. ♪ mñi hope they find my king jameq
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bible ♪ ♪ worn around the edges opened to the book of john ♪ ♪ my favorite picture we made together ♪ ♪ down by mill creek when we were just 21 ♪cyft ♪ i hope it'side'h laying in th$ letter, ones that reach us like &háhp &hc% than bad ♪ ♪ when i'm good and gone ♪ i hope my baby will make good] neighbors ♪ kind you can count on when
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you're down ♪ ♪ and i hope%lr that there's something and honored the things i taught?,ház them when i'm not around ♪>hyf} ♪ i hopeçj=÷ the sunshines the they lay me down ♪0k ♪ it's like!t;éñ the flowers ant line are gone ♪ycdn ♪ but they have more good than bad ♪ ♪ when i'm good and gone z4 ♪ i ain't, far as i can see ♪ ♪ i got the things i plan onod5 getting to ♪ ♪ oh but how and when i leave
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this world ain't up to me ♪ ♪ oh, lord you make that come and when you do ♪ ♪ i hope you find more good than bad when i'm good and gone ♪ ♪ than bad king james bible ♪ around the edges a opened to the book of john ♪z%3 [ cheers and applause ] and the song is justg3;: beaut. when i'm good and gone.
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in a little g.while, we'll and gone. but not yet. we'll be back with some of your comments. so stay with us. ♪ i hope they find my king james bible worn around the
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this week on our facebook page, we asked you what you wank the new republican congress to do first. here's some of the rumt results. 56% say repealj)b!e obamacare.
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18% say pass the keystonep2x pipeline. 13% say immigration reform.r 13% also say balance then#é+ñ b and cuty/ulñ spending. so our audience agrees with wha< you said on facebook. tuesday is veterans' day in america. a day to honor veterans. pizza for patriots sent hundreds of thousands of pizzas to give our service(! members just a tae of home. now they're on a mission to have 50 pizza parties at v.a.i6ìáhp % ospitals in every state in america. bring attention to the quest to dare for our wound heros. check out #american flag challenge to hang ajddyç flag o every building in america. pizzasiáha for fore information. i hope you will. don't forget to set your o dvr every saturday at 8:00 m[ñ eastern. we don't want you missing any
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minute of thisire show. this is mike huckabee befrom new york saying good night and good bless. and stay tuned judge jeanine yts.ta pirrghi thank you for being withl7te us tonight. you know, i believe in truth and po/ this pastj delivered much-deserved justice to president barack obama, his policies and his party. you put truth tor2 power to chae the direction that barack obama and yourkqáçx determination to back america was historic. majority in more than 80


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